Location - Arrabar

Arrabar is the capital city of Chondath. It is a sprawling and ancient city, though clean and well maintained. Lord Eles Wianar rules from his palace known as Generon.1

The sprawling capital city-state of Arrabar is where political power coalesces in Chondath. The city lies at the nexus of two prominent trade roads: the coastal Emerald Corridor and the southern Golden Road. Its people are fisherfolk, merchants, craftsfolk, and mercenaries. Among the latter group are members of mercenary companies, such as the Sapphire Crescent (who rest here between assignments), and members of private armies permanently stationed in the capital.

The most resplendent edifice in Shining Arrabar — even more so than the temple of Waukeen — is the Generon, the ruling palace of the Lord of Arrabar and all Chondath, Eles Wianar. Its stately dome glitters in gold and silver, and barracks and strong points for Wianar’s personal army ring it. Along the outer walls of the city lie various noble houses, each with its own private army. Arrabar holds enough military might to wreak havoc anywhere.


  • Night of Ghosts
  • Festival of Spheres

Noble Houses of Arrabar

  • House Wianar
  • House Matrell
  • House Mestel
  • House Darowdryn
  • House Cauldyl
  • House Mercatio
  • House Rohden

Location - Arrabar

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