Scales of Amassazz

Shining Multicolored Dragon Scales



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You have found four of the seven scales of Amassazz, scales imbued with the essence of dragonkind an vital for the salvation of the Dragonborn race.

Red = +2 damage – (Karash)
Orange = + 2 Will – (Jarrek)
Yellow = + 2 Reflex – (Skylarr)
Green = + 10 resist Poison – (Thraxus)
Blue = + 2 Fort – (Aelar)
Indigo = Low light vision – (Gazrak)

3 scales in party (Dragon senses)- all get +2 to Perception/Insight
4 scales in party (Dragon resistance)- + 5 vs Poison/Acid/Fire/Lightning
5 scales in party (Dragon sight)- + 5 perception to see through disguise/illusion
6 Scales in party (Dragon Awe) – + 5 on diplomacy checks, The wielders seem, strong, regal


The story from Gazrak the Dragonborn:

Our History

“In another place there are Dragons, The land swarms with the Folk of the Dragon. For Millennia on uncounted Millennia the Folk lived in peace, ruled by the Mighty Great Wyrm Glaadnafwyr The Golden and his celestial Council. The land prospered and great works of both Nature and Magic transformed the land into a paradise where each had their place and the needs of all were provided.

Dragonkind and the council worked in peace and harmony. They soared over the lands protecting and helping the lesser creatures who were also beloved of the Dragon Gods. The Council and their kind were bound by Bahamut himself to protect those who were weaker and less able to carry out the mighty works of the Celestial Council. These creatures includes the playful Dragons of Faerie, The harmless (but not terribly bright) wyverns, The servitor Kobolds, The Drakes and, the most cherished by the greater Dragon races, The Dragonborn, of whom I am the least."

The Betrayal

“Sadly even in the hearts of the mighty darkness can grow and so it was that Glaadnafwyr and the Celestial council were betrayed. Awazathenoth, The Mithral Lord, listened to the poisoning whispers of Tiamat and unbeknownst to the rest of the council began to plan and plot their demise. The planning was long and careful, He took many centuries to create his plan to conquer all and rule as the mortal right hand of Tiamat.

It transpired later that Awazathenoth had suborned a number of council members and, with the assistance of the mightiest of them began his perversion of Dragonkind. He started in the farthest lands and with the lowliest kinds. First he began to alter the spirit of the short lived Wyvern race. Each generation became more bestial and aggressive, he committed unspeakable acts of Necromancy with the more powerful of his followers creating a hidden Army of Drocolich. Then he started on the weakest of Dragonkind, The Dragonborn. The Dragonborn were subject to the basest and most vile of enchantments and one in two of their eggs began to fail at hatching time. the priests collected the failed eggs and gave them to their proper resting place in the temples of the unborn. It was from here that the eggs were stolen . . . and . . changed.

Awazathenoth created a new race which was a perversion of all the council stood for, he called them Draconians. These he bred for war. Thousands upon thousands were trained and raised in the farthest reaches of the lands . . . and still the council knew nothing, for those whose duty it was to report on such things were part of the monstrous plot to overthrow the rest of the council.

Then only a single century ago, Awazathenoth struck. His massed armies struck at the heart of the council lands taking the peaceful with utter surprise. He attempted to destroy all of those on the council who it was known would never bow to him and his dark mistress. Unfortunately he had miscalculated the might of Glaadnafwyr and the most stalwart of his advisers and Glaadnafwyr, sorely wounded, escaped. Alas, only a handful of the rightful council escaped with him, leaving the Awazathenoth holding the field."

The Despair

“Then, the purge began. Awazathenoth began the systematic and utter destruction of those who would not bow to Tiamat. At this time the true nature of Awazathenoth became revealed in his appearance and he became known as Awazathenoth the black.

Many fought back while Glaadnafwyr recovered from his grievous wounds, but slowly over years, they were pushed back . . . and back . . towards the Iron Ramparts in the Golden Peaks. Glaadnafwyr and his lieutenants knew that it was only a matter of time before all were defeated, ensuring either death or slavery into the bonds of Tiamat."


“Deep in Prayer Glaadnafwyr received a vision From Bahamut showing how he could salvage some victory and still move to sit beside Bahamut in the Celestial Heavens. To this end he took his most trusted Councillor and they began a great magic. Ammassazz, his most trusted Councillor then disappeared from the Lands and was seen no more. This was 10 years ago.

In those ten years things have changed for the worse. Glaadnafwyr and his council seemed greatly weakened, The forces of Awazathenoth ever stronger and more destructive."

The Present

I was one of a group chosen by Glaadnafwyr for a mission. A strange mission. I deem it time to reveal to you what that is.

It seems that when Ammassazz disappeared it was at the behest of Glaadnafwyr and a result of his vision from Bahamut. Ammassazz was transported not only through the planes but also across time. Much of the power of the council was expended in his transportation. Another portion of the councils might was invested in tokens of Great Power which were deemed essential for the completion of the mission assigned Ammassazz. The mission is both a grim one and one of hope.

You see Glaadnafwyr knew that defeat was inevitable and that hope could only come from the saving of a core of his people. To save them they would have to depart their known world to another, bit this would need to be done in such a way as to stop the vile minions of Tiamat from following.

Ammassazz was chosen to be the opener of ways to preserve the people of the Dragon and had been granted tokens which would allow the transportation of the people to another place, while at the same time closing the porous boundary to their home, effectively sealing it from any further intraplanar travel. This great Magic is powered by the life-force of the mightiest of Dragonkind . . . who are sacrificing all in order to save the lowliest.

The timing and conditions had to be perfect and as part of the greater vision Glaadnafwyr saw that Ammassazz would need much time to prepare. This is the world chosen, The time is near.

It seems that recently Awazathenoth determined what Glaadnafwyr was trying to accomplish and set out to ruin his plan. The balance of forces both spiritual and magical is such that only the lesser forces for Tiamat or Glaadnafwyr can pass through.

Awazathenoth devoted some of his power to parting the veil between worlds and sent some of his Draconian scum through to find Ammassazz and disrupt his plans. They have been here discussed and searching for some time. Ammassazz foresaw this and set the tokens in dispersed areas under strong wards to prevent their corruption by Awazathenoth. When Glaadnafwyr found out he send a handful of his stalwarts through to stop them. Unfortunately Glaadnafwyr has been spending of his life-force freely and he could not summon the power to send many of us here. Some have perished carrying out their duties, others are finding and destroying the Draconian as they are able, we are outnumbered but have the fate of our people resting upon us. Nothing, Nothing but death will stop us.

Some of the relics which Ammassazz had hidden have . . . warped . . . time and the planes around them, creating pockets which are out of time, or out of the known dimensions. This is one such place and I had thought that I might forward the ends of Glaadnafwyr by being here. Indeed at least one of the relics is here . . . .I also sense that you are deeply involved in the plans of Ammassazz. For this I wish you well and every success.

These relics . . . their true power comes only when joined, in their inactivated state they look like simple scales, one for each of colour the Chromatic Dragons, one for each colour of the Rainbow. Their purpose and powers will become known to those they chose to wield them . . . . and I see that so far they have chosen well.

I have my own role to play for Bahamut and will go on my way. Karavakos holds one of the scales.

When all of the scales are together again, at the right time, and in the right place, then will my people be saved. Should you need my aid at any time I will do my utmost to assist you By my hope of life, love and freedom for me people and upon the Platinum sales of Bahamut I do so swear.

Before I go I will cast the blessing of Bahamut on the relics you possess, We will meet again when the time is right."

Scales of Amassazz

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