Shiningbite, the drake’s tooth

A shining longsword whose hilt contains two of the rear teeth of the dragon Eaerdynnansczyg


Shiningbite is a +4 true dragonslayer longsword with variable resistance.


The Lost Blades

Still missing from the royal vaults and their proper shrine, Ilbratha and Shiningbite are honored in Cormyr’s records as true pieces of the kingdom’s regalia.

Because both have been missing for centuries, the Dragon Throne would happily reward the finder of either of these weapons far beyond the value of the item.

Even more than the Four Swords, Cormyrean authorities are willing to negotiate for either of the Lost Blades. They will consider replacing the weapon with one of greater power from King Azoun’s collection (which includes some uncommon and rare weapons of immense power), or duplicating the powers of Ilbratha or Shiningbite with rituals performed on another weapon of the bearer’s choosing.

If the sword was obtained by fighting traitors to the kingdom or from marauding humanoids, the Crown might even allow a wielder to carry the sword for a time, until—in the manner of Varanth—it is time to return it to Cormyr’s rulers.


This once-simple longsword was discovered in the royal armories by a youthful Gantharla, who ordered it polished and its hilt replaced before she carried it into the western reaches of Cormyr against encroach-ing lizardfolk from the Tun and Farsea marshes. Its recrafting included the addition of two of the rear teeth of the dragon Eaerdynnansczyg, who is also called Eardynn (“ee-ar-din”), at the ends of the cross-guard, lending the wyrm’s power and some of its legend to the blade.

Twice Shiningbite was used by the warrior-queen to fell young dragons in the Stormhorns, but its magic was not nearly so useful in her campaign against the hill giants in the west, who slew Gantharla and her entire band of ranger-knights, then stripped the bodies of anything that looked useful—including the Drake’s Tooth. Where the blade passed after the First-Queen’s death is a mystery.

The Party were given the sword by a Hermit in the Kings Wood after following a vision from Bahamut. The sword seems to have importance above it’s initial worth as a powerful magical items and a relic of the royal family of Cormyr.

Shiningbite, the drake’s tooth

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