This cutlass is crafted of starmetal, ebony, and unicorn horn. The blade is as reflective as the finest mirror, and the cutlass subtly vibrates whenever it is held.

weapon (melee)

Weapon: Short sword (Cutlass). Lvl 17 (Unique)

Enhancement Bonus: +4 to attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +4d6 damage


  • While this weapon is on your person, you are immune to fear.
  • You gain a +2 item bonus to Athletics and Acrobatics checks, as well as saving throws against slowing, immobilizing, and restraining effects.

Utility Power (Healing) ✦ Encounter (Move Action)
Effect: You shift up to your speed. The next melee attack you make with this weapon on this turn deals 4d6 extra damage, and you regain hit points equal to the total amount of extra damage dealt.

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Everdare History

Everdare is a legendary cutlass that has graced the hands of many daring adventurers over the centuries. When Everdare was first created, it was just a magic cutlass. Since then, it has taken on additional properties and powers based on the people who have wielded it. The cutlass’s personality is an amalgamation of the personalities of its previous owners, many of whom were intrepid seafarers. It named itself Everdare due to its proclivity for enticing its owners to undertake great risks. Though it hesitates to say so, it has led several of its previous owners to early graves. The cutlass is empathic and telepathic. It can sense its owner’s emotional state and transmit its own (usually excitement). Occasionally, it communicates with its owner, cajoling him or her to act bravely or foolishly.

The most recent adventure was in Dorgal’s cove

The seas around the peaceful fishing village of Dorgal’s Cove were terrorized by the kraken Thalarkis. The great beast laid waste to the region, sinking ships and killing sailors. It brought financial devastation to all of the outlying towns and islands, destroying the local fishing economy and bringing seagoing trade to a halt.

As the smaller coastal communities neared financial ruin, a shining beacon appeared in answer to their plight. The Zephyr, a famed privateer captained by Rukos the Red Rake, came to the rescue. Rukos and his crew set out to save the locals from the waterborne menace. After a few days of hunting, they spotted the kraken and harpooned it, then used winches to haul it to the surface. With cutlass, bow, and spell, they laid into the beast. The battle was long, and sailor after sailor fell until only Captain Rukos remained to face Thalarkis.

With his trusty cutlass Everdare firmly in hand, the Red Rake squared off with the gravely injured kraken. In the end, Rukos stabbed the beast through the eye as Thalarkis strangled the life out of the brave captain. Rukos fell to the deck, dead. The great beast shuddered and slumped into the sea, taking the Zephyr, its crew, and its captain to the depths below.

The battle saw the spirits of Thalarkis and Rukos bound to the wreckage of the Zephyr, doomed to relive their final battle for all eternity , or until someone could slay the spirit of Tharlarkis with Everdare .

57 Year later Kuo Toa attempted to raise Thalarkis mistakenly thinking his ghostly avatar was the personification of one of their gods. Their plans were disrupted when the Salty Sea Dogs adventuring group killed the Kua Toa priest, retrieved Everdare and destroyed the spirit of Thalarkis. This finally set the soul or Rukos to rest. The Sea Dogs paid a price for this with Karash being killed while wielding Everdare.

Karash was raised from the dead by Aelar with the aid of an ancient scroll found in the Pyramid of Shadows and is now the impetuous wielder of this recklessly brave weapon.


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