Beardy and shouty


Initial background:

Jarrak Breknar is the son of a merchant from an underground dwarven community, the oldest of three brothers and one sister. His father hoped that he would grow up to be a merchant like him, but Jarrak has no head for figures and preferred the rough and tumble life of a fighter. When he was young he heard about an old prophecy that said a great darkness would rise up from the depths and assault his home, and it could only be stopped by a dwarven champion would rise up to defend his people. Enamoured with the idea of an adventuring lifestyle, he shirked his education and instead sought out tales of heroism and daring. He has a somewhat fanboy-ish attitude towards adventuring and, unfortunately, has had a lot of bad advice imparted along with good – his head is full of these tales – this has led to some unfortunate situations and a bit of mocking of him behind his back . Eventually his father had enough of this and put his foot down, demanding that Jarrak take his studies seriously and stop sneaking off to roam (and train) with the guard patrols or watch (and participate in) the fighting pits. He bears scars from these activities. This was the last straw for Jarrak, and he left his home town, thinking he would make his way as an adventurer and leave the merchant life to his father and brothers. He is a loyal dwarf at heart, and this self-imposed exile nags at him sometimes, but he believes there’s a chance he might be the champion (or someone like him) and the good deeds coming in his future will make up for this, and he plans to return rich and covered in glory and all will be well.

Jarrak is not racist but he does have a very dwarven attitude to all things non-dwarf, biased and believing them superior, and has a stubborn but loyal dwarvish attitude through and through. Dwarf smiths are the best smiths, so naturally dwarven weapons and dwarven armour are the best. Likewise dwarven brewers, tales, songs, bards, gods, priests and food. Dwarven holds are the most magnificent, dwarven soldiers the hardiest, dwarven women the most enticing. He believes by following this dwarvish path of heroism he will be a great dwarven hero (and most likely has Dwarven Defender in his future). This doesn’t stop him interacting with whoever he needs to or using whatever comes to hand as a weapon or armour, or making friends outside his race.

Jarrak prefers plate armour and a shield, weapons from the hammer or axe groups, and other magical items that give him more utility or support options or improve his “natural” dwarven athleticism. He is hardy (very high Con) and athletic (very high Str) and prefers to play to these strengths, supporting the rest of the party and fully embracing the defender role. The Waraxe and the Craghammer are probably his favourite weapons, although he has considered trying a heavier 2H weapon, eschewing the shield and relying on his still strong defenses and high health total.


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